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Skinimalism | The Make Up Minimalism | Divya Toshniwal |

  I came across this new term: Skinimalism, and I am instantly in love with it.  Skinimalism can be explained as going with minimal products on your skin. Skinimalism is the makeup minimalism.  Till a year ago, the trends in the beauty industry was filled with heavy make-up looks. Even the no-makeup look had layers of products on your skin. Not only did people put on makeup for occasions but it had become a part of our everyday life. Women would spend hours before stepping out of the house to put on makeup and style their hair and then again a half before going on to the bed to remove it all. With the Covid-19 lockdown and staying home for longer periods of time, we actually turned to the no make-up phase in our lives. Many of my make-up products expired too. Though I have been into minimalism for more than a couple of years now there were still a lot of products that I used on my skin. But the year 2020 has brought about this great change where I do not even use a compact

What Is Pranic Healing And How Can It Help You? | Disha Toshniwal |

In this dynamic world of changes, all we seek and strive for ultimately is Health. The term health in itself comprises of our Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social as well as Spiritual well-being. Today, it becomes important to understand the role of spiritual wellbeing that can have a direct impact on various aspects of our life including our very own physical body. Spirituality for many is just considered to be a tool for achieving mental peace often advised to those who are stressed or who showcase harmful behavior for themselves or towards others. But the role of spirituality is more extensive than what is generally assumed. One of the most essential aspects of spirituality is of ‘Chi’ i.e. the life energy, often known as prana.

Pranic Healing is the ancient art and science of healing that uses this prana to heal the physical body and also plays a significant role in psychological and social prosperity. It is a practice based on the overall structure of the human body. In order for you to have a clearer picture on this, it is important to understand that the human body is composed of two parts - one is our physical body which is the one that is well known to us, the second part is the invisible body or the bioplasmic body that extends four to five inches beyond the physical body. Clairvoyants call this the energy body or the etheric body. Pranic Healing is hence the generation and manipulation of prana to heal the etheric body which in turn heals the physical body.

Prana has three major sources - Solar prana, air prana, and ground prana which is directly absorbed by the centers of the bioplasmic body often called chakras. To make this simpler, remind yourself of a time when being under the sun was soothing, when a gentle breeze could revive you or when you simply enjoyed walking barefoot on the grass. In all these scenarios you experienced a pleasant revival of self, this pleasant or energetic feeling is due to the prana that you absorb through your bioplasmic body. This absorption of fresh prana and removal of dirty prana is as much a natural cycle as breathing. But similarly, just how an imbalance in breathing can lead to harmful consequences to our brain and body, dysregulation of prana also leads to various detrimental consequences manifested in our physical body. We and everything around us absorbs energy essentially from these three sources.

Pranic Healing has two major laws - First, the body is capable of healing itself, and Second, for life to exist there must be energy or prana. Thus, healing is just a tool to enhance and increase the rate of recovery.

It involves dealing with this energy in order to promote healthy well-being. When the energy body becomes sick, it is mainly due to the general or localized depletion of energy in the aura of the individual which is then manifested in the symptoms of the physical body. For example, when a person suffers from heart ailments, it is seen that the energy around the heart chakra is either congested or depleted and regulation of this energy can in turn help in the recovery of the physical body.

This technique has been found to be useful in bringing down temperature, relieving headaches and other pains, recoveries from simple cough and cold to even major illnesses like cancer. It has been instrumental for individuals of all ages and has shown improvement in major physical and psychological problems as it works with the root of the problem.

Apart from this Pranic Healing entails in itself the different concepts of love, generosity, honesty, efficiency, and moderation i.e. non-excessiveness. Practicing these 5 core concepts is one of the most important steps in not only healing but also succeeding in various aspects of our personal and professional lives.

In the complexity of this world and its societies, Pranic healing is a tool to have the clarity to not only prosper in our interpersonal relations but also in our work life or any endeavour that we choose. Regulation of this prana or life energy has its presence in our everyday activities and interactions. Thus, regulation of it can result in our overall well-being.

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